Coded Website Maintenance Packages

We can keep you website healthy

It is important to keep your WordPress website up to date and backed up. However, this is a job that often gets away on you. Often it is left till it is to late, when your site goes down and needs to be restored from a backup or, your site has been hacked because there was an old plugin that contained a known exploit. Why not, let us take the hassle away from you. We will keep your site update and backed up. Should something go wrong we will get it back up and running with a backup.


Why you need a maintenance package?


Plugins, themes, and WordPress always seem to have new updates. Sometimes this is due to a new set of features, other times it might be to fix a bug. However, it can also be to fix a problem in the code that can be exploited by hackers. By updating your Websites plugins regularly, you can ensure that your website is secure

Save you time and money

Maintaining your website takes time. By letting us handle your website maintenance you can spend more time doing what you do be which is working on your business.

Speed and Performance

By keeping your websites up to date with the latest plugin, theme and WordPress updates, it ensures that your site is running at optimal level. As developers, we know how important speed is to a website and are always tweaking our code to make things run faster. That means that by keeping your plugins up to date, you are ensuring that any performance tweaks that have been made to the plugins are being applied to your site.

Peace of mind

When things go wrong, you can rest easy knowing that Coded have your back. We keep multiple working backups of your website in order to ensure that if anything bad happens we will restore your site to its last working state.


How often do you run updates on my site

Most theme and plugin updates will be run dependant on the package you use (ie; monthly, fortnightly, weekly). We will run updates on specific plugins, themes that are required to prevent any security issues outside the normal schedule if needed. Also, in some cases, we may hold off updating for some plugins and themes until they have been tested.

What if my plugin is no longer supported?

We will monitor this plugin for issues. If it has no obvious security flaws we will keep it running, otherwise, we will suggest an alternative plugin to use and help you to get it implemented.

What are my payment options?

We use PayPal to process payments which supports all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard).

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

There are no contracts here. You are free to cancel at any time.
We do not offer refunds at this stage.

What if my site is already broken?

We can take a look at your site and provide an estimate of how long it would take to fix it. On the Professional and Deluxe tier, you are allocated a certain amount of time in which we can make changes and fixes to your site. We can take this time off our estimate. Otherwise, the price will be charged as per our hourly rate (check the tiers above).

What if I haven't updated my site in a while?

We can provide a free audit of your website by logging into the WordPress backend. This will give us an idea of what plan you would be suited to an also how many extra hours we will need to get things up and running again. There may be potential conflicts that arise with certain updates. We will provide you an estimate of how long this will takes and how much this will cost.

What if I have multiple sites?

Our above prices are per site. If you have a lot of sites in which you would like us to maintain for you contact us and we will be able to offer you a discounted price.

What if the updates break my site?

We take care in order to ensure that if this happens we can roll the site back to its last working state. We run our backups directly before our updates so that you don’t lose any of your work. If the site breaks due to a update we will fix this for you.

Getting started

To ensure you get the absolute best service we can perform an audit of your website. To do this we will log into your website and check out the current status is. What needs updating, what plugins need to be added for security, and various other checks. This will help us to gauge if there will be any potential plugins that we could run into.
In some cases, we find that major work is required up front in order to get the website up to date and in working order. In these cases, we are able to provide a quote for the work that needs to be done.
In order to do this, we will need you to provide us with admin login details. We can run you through how to set these up.

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