This plugin allows you to display your custom post types the same way that the divi blog module displays posts.

After installing and activating the plugin you can find the Divi CPT module in the visual builder or classic builder. 

Once you have the Divi CPT module open scroll down to see a list of your custom post types which you can turn on and off. If you have a lot of custom post types you can hide these by going to Divi CPT in your wordpress admin area and switching these off. This will hide them in the Divi CPT module. 

When you turn on a post type in the Divi CPT module this will fetch your post via an ajax request. Note this may take some time depending on your web hosting. Once you have turned on your post type you will see the custom post types taxomies listed with there associated terms. Note you must have taxonomies and terms set for your post type for this plugin to function properly. Select the terms you want to display and style the posts the way you want. 

Note not everything works perfectly in the visual builder. For example the pagination will not function like proper pagination in the visual builder (it will work perfectly on the consumer facing side though). This is due to some limitations with Divi itself. We will look at possibly fixing this in the future.

Also, the masonry grid does not display properly in the visual builder (works fine on the consumer facing side). We are currently working on a fix for this. 


Advanced Custom Fields

Due to many request for this feature, we have added the ability to add ACF fields into each post. You can either add these above or below you the post content. You can do this by adding the acf slugs that you want to display. Make sure they are comma separated. These can also be styled.

We are always looking to improve our plugins, so if you have any trouble or there is something you would like to see, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.